Known Bugs
- If there's music but the screen is black, refresh the page. It's a camera issue.

- The paths might look like they're drawn twice or super mixed up. They are. It won't impact your travels in Nuvalis. It just looks ugly.

- If you get the 'Nobody' event a lot, try playing again as we ran out of time to create the many events needed for our randomization. :P


You're a political candidate in the fantasy land of Nuvalis running for the Chief Crown Minister office.

Each settlement (village, city, or town) you travel to spawns a random event and based on your answer, this changes the way the different demographics of a settlement view you. 

You get a handful of turns aka settlements to visit,  and at the end of your turns, it will be election day, telling the player if they won or lost.

Can you harvest enough votes from your chained travels to become Chief Crown Minister?

AuthorsBakenshake, irmoz
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Fantasy, Godot
Average sessionA few minutes


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